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Fireproof Welding Blankets Made Of 32oz Silica Fiber Cloth With PU Coating

Fireproof Welding Blankets Made of 32oz Silica Fiber Cloth with PU Coating

Product Details

Fireproof Welding Blanket Made of 32 oz Silica Fiber Cloth With PU Coating

WB0472332HT+PUD1  Fireproof Welding Blanket Made of 32 oz Silica Fiber Cloth With PU Coating are made of fiberglass loomstate, caramelized fiberglass, coated fiberglass cloth, and silica cloth which has good construction and endurance of high temperature from 500°C/932°F up to 1100°C/2012°F degree. Various treatments and sizes could be fabricated on request. And we can install with eyelets, clips or Velcro on the blankets in order to suit your individual needs.

Welding blankets provide protection from sparks, spatter, slags generated by welding or metal cutting applications, have been widely used in many industries include shipbuilding, construction, automotive parts, oil plants, flammable chemicals, and so on.

* Fabric Treatment: WB0472332HT+PUD1

* Fabric Treatment: PU coated on both sides, golden color.

* Fabric Thickness 0.053''

* Fabric Weight 32oz/yd2

* Fabric Weave:  12HS Satin

* Thread count: warp45/inch  weft33/inch

* Temp. resistance up 1652°F/900°C

* With folded edges, without eyelets

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